Aardvark is a website that I created to serve as a platform for women to share their knowledge and understanding of life and as a community for women to support and learn from each other. 
Competitive Analysis
I started researching websites that have similar offerings as Aardvark in order to find a unique way to differentiate Aardvark by allowing women to not only read articles related to living, health, culture, career, and style but also write their own articles.
I took inspiration from the Aardvark image I found then I collected images that have the kind of look and feel I wanted for the Aardvark brand.
Visual Directions
I created 2 different visual directions for Aardvark, each offers a different look and feel of the brand. I went with direction 2 for the website because I think this version conveys the concept of Aardvark better.
Low-Fi Wireframes
I designed responsive wireframes for desktop, tablet and mobile size screens.
High-Fi Wireframes
I created high fidelity wireframes for the website to show the layout of each page, below are home and style page.
Read Article, write article page, sign in, sign up page and drop down menu.​

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