AR Summer Party.

AR Summer Party is a project I did in the Augmented Reality class in Parsons for Dover Street Market during the summer season in order to excite its existing customers and turn new visitors into customers with the immersive AR party experience.
My Role:
3D modeling, motion design, interaction design 
Hongxi Chen, Natalie Alvarenga
Value Proposition
Dover Street Market is known as a fashion conceptual store that promotes up and coming designers brands and a destination for people to explore different designer brands. They love the idea of beautiful chaos, the design of the store is a combination of art and fashion, the brands they sell vary greatly from street fashion brands to high-end luxury brands.
Why AR Summer Party?
 - People in NYC love parties especially during the summer season.
 - Attracts a variety of people to DSM to experience the creative lifestyle it promotes.
 - Encourage people to have fun at the summer party, try AR technology, mingle and shop.
 - Take advantage of the store design and turn it into a playground, provides a 3d immersive shopping experience.
 - Allows for DSM to excite its existing customers, and turn new visitors into customers with the immersive AR party experience.
For the visual design, we took inspiration from Miami beach, and we wish to give people the sense of the Art Deco and Tropical Neon style of Miami Beach.
For Whom?
 In order to have a better understanding of the target audience of Dover Street Market and what audience they wish to attract, we interviewed the staff members and also observed at varies times in store. Based on our research we created our persona.
I created the storyboard to better explain the user journey, showcasing how the persona interacts with the AR app, and explore Dover Street Market through the app.
For the design of the app, we wanted to make it look clean and simple, be consistent with the Dover Street Market brand image.
In-store experience
We made the app in Unity and tested in Dover Street Market.
3D Models 
I designed the 3d models to go with the location we chose, for the Submarine, it is designed to be placed on top of the yellow floats, and the skatepark is designed to go with the pool design in the basement.

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