Container Store

This is a service design project for the Container Store with an app that integrates through the entire service experience.


I wish to reimagine the retail experience with AR technology and personalized service. More specifically I have chosen the Container Store as the brand to study. I think the Container Store has good products but it is not very user-friendly to shop both online and in their stores. Therefore I wish to find out a way to improve the shopping experience in their stores and make it easier for the customers to select the products they need. For instance, with AR, people can measure their storage space and try out different containers. For the in-store experience, instead of purchasing containers and carrying them home, it should avoid all this hassle, be a place to touch and feel different containers, and experience different styles. Staff members should help people to choose storage units based on their different needs and offer organization suggestions.


I came to the Container Store at two different times to observe their customers and how they are served. I observed a few people, and for each of them, I followed them passing through different touchpoints. Later on, I discovered that there are two main types of customers: The Exploratory Shopper & The Busy New Yorker
I interviewed the employees in the Containers Store in order to find out what does the company value and how do customers shop. I also interviewed customers who shop at the Container Store in order to better understand why they have made their choices, their needs and pain points. I then compiled my findings into a SWOT analysis.


Based on my observation in the Container Store and my own experience, I came up with the journey map to help lay out service moments and touch points in order to identify service moments where I can add value. I also marked some moments with letters, O - critical to successful operations, V - high value, U - unique.
From the journey map, I identified 3 service moments that could make an impact. Based on the feedback I received, people are most excited about moment 1 & 2.


For moment 1 & 2, I came up with 2 storyboards to reflect each moment and asked the users about their thoughts on the storyboards.
App virtual measure and try on experience
In-store explore and consulting experience


From the storyboards, I learned that people really like the virtual measuring and try on experience. For the consulting experience, people also wish that there is a virtual consultation as well so that they can get advice on things at home.
This feature allows people to measure the storage space and try on different storage options that fit the space
This feature allows people to book appointments and speak to  organization consultants in their homes
I came up with a new visual system by using lighter accent colors, iconography, and rounded shapes, because I wish the new Container Store app would appeal more to younger audiences.
I came up with a new visual system by using lighter accent colors, iconography, and rounded shapes, because I wish the new Container Store app would appeal more to younger audiences.


The store will be a place where people take inspirations, learn about how to organize their spaces and pick up small items. Therefore the store will only carry the most popular items and make more space for display.
The app also enables users to scan items while they browse in the store, they can also self check out with the app in order to avoid the long checkout lines.


I created the service blueprints to visualize the visible and invisible components that are needed for delivering the service.
The app will be a vital component for the new Container Store, the operation team, engineering and content team for the app will be needed.
With the functional shift of the store more as a place for inspirations and consultations. the staff members are required to have more knowledge in organization and how to use different containers.
I think the new Container Store service serves its target audience​s well. The Exploratory shoppers will really enjoy browsing and getting suggestions on how to organize in-store and online. The busy New Yorker will really find the app useful in terms of finding the best fits for their organization project. 
Since the new service design is more geared towards attracting the younger generations. Some elder customers might not get used to the new service right away, therefore the Container Store should keep the traditional shop and check out method. Staff members should also help them to learn about how to use the app and place orders as needed.

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