Dodo is a beverage brand that offers sparkling water infused with real fruit extract. It is a healthy alternative to traditional sweetened beverages. It tastes good, contains fewer calories, and has more health benefits.
My Role
3D Modelling, visual design, brand identity design


I came up with the brand concept because I have been looking for a healthy beverage that tastes good. Dodo is actually the name of my dog. For the brand concept, I wanted to capture her healthy, energetic, and fun character. She brings people happiness and love, and that's exactly how I hope the brand makes people feel.

Design and Display

Package Design
I created 3 package designs for 3 different flavors - raspberry, grape, and lemon.
Product Shot
For the product shot, I first modeled the can then add motion to the can in Cinema 4D.
Product Display
In order to better display the design of the cans, I created different props in Cinema 4D to complement each design.

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