EXPRESS is a website and brand identity design that I did for the clothing brand EXPRESS.
Competitive Analysis
I analyzed the current market position of Express and it's competitors in order to find out the best way to reposition the brand. 
I took inspirations from Karlie Kloss, because she is the new brand ambassador since Express does a lot of work outfits I also found some pictures of Wework.
Logo Designs
I created several logo designs in different fonts and added color to give EXPRESS a refreshing and bold look. After showing people the designs and hearing about different opinions, I went for the one the middle of the first row.
Visual System
I took inspiration from the LIKE A KLOSS picture, picked pink(representing women's division) and blue(representing men's division) as my primary color to achieve a bold neon effect. For the fonts I went for ORATOR STN for headline and sub-head and for title and body, I picked DIN, which has the slim look that goes well with ORATOR STN.

For the wireframes, besides the colors from the color palette, I used more bright colors on the website design, since EXPRESS is doing a collaboration with Karlie Kloss, I chose Tyson Ballou to pair with her.

I also added 2 sections that are new. One is EXPRESS WARDROBE because a lot of the EXPRESS customers are not style-savvy and might need more help with their styles. The other one is EXPRESS STYLE to allow the customers to engage more with the brand.

To show how the final designs look like on a computer and mobile devices I created mock-ups.
This is a project that I worked on while studying Experiencing Brands Through Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in Manhattan. In this class, I explored how we interact with a brand through interactive experiences such as websites, retails store, and mobile apps. By doing the EXPRESS project and hearing feedback from my instructor and classmates, I realized the value of critiques in design, from which I was able to refine my sketches and ideas in order to get better at graphic and interaction design.

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