Fruity Islands

Fruity Islands is a project we did for Too Faced. It creates an immersive and fun experience that includes three virtual islands featuring three Too Faced product collections - Tutti Fruitti, Peach Perfect, and Pineapple.

On the islands, players can discover different Too Faced products, watch makeup tutorials, and play mini-games.

My Role
3D asset design, game mechanics, world building
Sweksha Sinha, Nina Wang

The Design

3D Asset Design
For each collection,  based on the looks and feel of the Too Faced products, I came up with 3D assets that match the aesthetic of each product collection.
Tutti Frutti assets
Peach Perfect assets
Pineapple assets
Environment Design
For the environment design, we created three different islands with C4D and Unity. They are the Tutti Frutti island, Peach Perfect island, and Pineapple island. On each island, the player can collect fruits to unlock Too Faced products. 
Tutti Frutti island
Peach Perfect island
Pineapple island
Putting it together
In Unity, we put together the scenes, added interactions, and sound effects. We also uploaded the project to

Click play to give it a try!

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