Lexture is an online platform that hosts lecture recordings and allows students to search for lecture content with the recordings through keyword searches and topics. For this project, I collaborated with students at CornellTech. In product studio, we took on the HMW challenge from Digital Ocean and went through the entire product development process.
My Role:
UX/UI Design, Visual Design, User Research, Usability Testing
Chan Baik, Brian Ho, Kieran Taylor, Leven Xu
How might we leverage cloud infrastructure in classrooms to support students and educators?
Cloud computing has accelerated innovation in the tech industry, enabled the distribution of resources and teams in business, and has helped people stay connected in a globalizing world. While education has benefitted from some of these transformations, there are still tremendous opportunities to support students and educators by prioritizing classroom solutions for teaching and learning with cloud-based technology. 



Industry and Technology Research
In order to have a better understanding of the traditional education and Ed-tech market. We conducted in-depth research about the different players in the market, the processes it takes for each role to operate, how organizations generate profits and the different participation sets within the market. In addition to analyzing the technology used by different institutions.
User Interview
In order to better understand the challenges students and teachers face. We interviewed several students and teachers. Here are some of our findings: 
- Engage students in classes
- Make sure students fully understand course content
Pain Point
- For bigger classes, it is hard to answer all the questions and finish the class on time
- It is hard to keep students focused on course content all the time
- Stay focused and engaged in class
- Try to comprehend course content while listening
Pain Point
- It is hard to follow the instructor if you accidentally miss some parts or get distracted 
- For international students, it is hard to fully understand all course content in class due to language barrier


Based on the research we conducted and understanding about the pain points students and teachers faces, we came up with 50 ideas and narrowed them down to 2 ideas by using idea evaluation tool Darwinator and by discussing our ideas in idea workshop, the 2 ideas we had remain are:
1. Class Central
We came up with the Class Central idea based on the interaction we had in class, many times the questions that are answered in class are not the most common ones students have. With Class Central, students can highlight slides areas where they feel stuck using their own devices on the class central app, this the get compiled into the teacher's view to show which areas students have questions about. 
Student's View
Teacher's View
2. Lecture Analyzer
We came up with the Lecture Analyzer idea based on the interaction we had in when browsing the course recordings online. The current website that hosts the lecture recording is very hard to navigate. If you want to find a certain part that you didn't follow in class you might have to go through the entire recording to find that part. With Lecture Analyzer, students can easier search for course content through keywords and topics.
Current website
After presenting our ideas to the crits and talking to potential users, we decided to abandon the class central idea, mainly due to no tech in class policy at CornellTech. Although the idea might benefit students, on the teacher's end the highlighted slides might look messy and don't make a lot of sense.
Later on, we changed the name Lecture Analyzer to Lexture.

Usability Testing

I created the wireframes for Lexture in Sketch and turned them into a clickable prototype in Flinto.
After testing the prototype with students in CornellTech. We received some valuable feedback:
- User interface design is intuitive, it is easy to use.
- The tag icon is a bit confusing, users didn't know what to do with it.
- Users think that Lexture will benefit them when going over lecture content.

UI Design

Hi-Fi Wireframes
After testing, I turned the lo-fi wireframes into hi-fi wireframes in Sketch.
The homepage features my courses, recommend topics and courses related to search history.
Search page
Users can search for lecture content using keyword search, then the system will return search results containing the keyword.
Watch page
Users can watch the lecture recording on this page, check the overview, transcript, ask questions and add their own tags.



Visual System
I created a visual system that is clean and contemporary. I also chose a purple theme in order to make the interface design appear more gender-neutral.
Character Design
I designed a boy and a girl character for Lexture and 3D modeled them in C4D, I tried to make them look like students in CornellTech to make them appear more likable, as students are our target audiences.
Open Studio
We demoed Lexture in Open Studio in CornellTech, a lot of people from the tech and media industry came to see our work. We are pleased to receive quite a lot of positive feedback towards Lexture.


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