Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit is a VR game inspired by the mythical rabbit figure who lives on the Moon in Far Eastern folklore. Players can explore the mystery world by following the moon rabbit's guide, and uncover the mysteries under the water. The VR game was made in Unity and deployed to Oculus Quest to offer players an immersive experience.

My Role
Character design, scene design, narrative design 
Saetbyeol Kwon

The Design

Character Design 
For the character design, I first sketched out several rabbit figures that I think might fit the mystical character that I had imagined, then I used C4D to model the rabbit character then rigged it in C4D. I didn't put on a face on the rabbit because I wish to give the rabbit a mysterious look rather than the cute rabbit figure that people are more familiar with. 
Environment Design
For the environment design, I created three different scenes with C4D and Unity. They are the world above water, the underwater world, and the moon. The narrative starts with the players found themselves on a white boat, they can ride the boat freely till they see a dock, they can then get on the dock and discover that there is a rabbit, the rabbit then jump on a slide which leads the player into the underwater world where things are surreal and disproportional, they can explore freely in the underwater world and uncover different surprises until they come across a giant bottle, once they get close to the bottle it will change color and teleport them into the moon where the rabbit lives.
The Dock
The Moon

The Procedure

Motion Capture
For the motion of the rabbit, we captured all the motions in the Mocap studio in Parsons, which we then applied to the rigged rabbit character in Unity.
In Unity, we put together the scenes, added interaction, sound effects, and particle effects. 
We tested the game in class with our instructors and classmates to see what they react to the game and where would they stuck. We were pleased to find out that people really like our game in general but they did have trouble finding the hidden surprises and they were a bit confused with the goal of the game. Therefore, later on, we made the hidden surprise objects more obvious by changing their color and adding sound effects. We also added a final level where players find out about the hidden bottle, teleport to the moon, and discover where the rabbit lives.

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