Story Space

Story Space is an AR app that inspires kids to create stories with art pieces they see in the museum. 
Design Process

Designing for AR takes a quite different process compared to designing just for the screens, as designers, we considered not only the interaction on screen but also the interaction in the scene as well as the correlation between the two.

Here is our design process:

Observation and Interview

In order to better understand our target audience, we visited the MOMA to observe and interviewed some kids in the Art Lab there.


Here are some of our key findings:


1. When we talked to kids, they can instantly come up with their own stories for the objects they made.


2. Kids like to get their hands on things, touching and playing.


3. Younger kids can only follow simple instructions, the step-by-step instruction card are working but the longer instruction are ignored.


4. The Art Lab offers a great experience in non-digital activities but the digital devices in Art Lab are not very interactive.


Based on our understanding of our target audience: 3-9-year-olds who visit MOMA with their parents, we created the persona:

Pain Points and Ideation

With our persona in mind, we came up our AR story creating an app to address our persona's pain points. 

Journey Map

We created the user journey map to demonstrate Alex's mood changes throughout his museum visit experience.

Low-fi Wireframes

We sketched out the interface layouts with pencil and paper first then work on low-fi wireframes in Sketch.

High-fi Wireframes

Once we were satisfied with how the low-fi wireframes turned out, we created high-fi wireframes.

User Testing and Iterations

We tested the designs with our users, here are some things we noticed:

1. Users don't know how to create stories with the interface.

2. Users are not sure what gestures to use to interact with the 3D objects.

3. Younger kids don't understand the words on the interface.


Based on our findings, we added instruction pages and voiceover:


I really enjoyed the entire process designing for AR, this is certainly a new experience. I think in the end we delivered an experience that is simple and intuitive for our target audience. Museum visits will certainly be more fun for young visitors.

© 2020 by Queena Wang.